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Toby buying an airplane

Direct2 Makes Buying An Airplane Easy

If you’ve ever wished you had a magic carpet, we’ve got great news: buying an airplane is the next best thing. Our team can help you find the right plan for your lifestyle or your business.

Toby buying an airplane

how it works

Buying an airplane is an investment in your lifestyle or your business. But where do you start, and how can Direct2 help? Our easy 3-step process includes: 

Finding The Right Plane

First, we’ll consider your mission and budget to find the right airplane for you. We’ll also consider the revenue potential should you join our leaseback owner network.


Checking Every Box

Once we’ve located an airplane that matches your personal or business goals, we’ll coordinate pre-purchase due diligence and iron out the acquisition details. 

Aircraft Management

After completing your purchase, we ensure regulatory compliance and pilot proficiency in your aircraft. This sets you up to live a life of choice, not a life of logistics and scheduling.

Benefits of Buying An Airplane


Effortless On-Demand Travel

Skip the security lines, say goodbye to layovers, and get to where you’re going faster. Buying an airplane opens the door to thousands of airports and locations that don’t currently support commercial travel.


No-Hassle Revenue Generation

You can either leave your plane in the hangar when you don’t need it, or Direct2 can put it to work for you! Through our leaseback charter program, you can vastly reduce fixed costs associated with aircraft ownership without lifting a finger. 

All-Value, No-Hassle Aircraft Management

Someone has to keep your airplane in tip-top shape, and it shouldn’t have to be you.

 Purchasing a set of wings should mean endless opportunity, not time spent scheduling maintenance. Don’t worry. We have you covered.

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