pet friendly on-demand flights

We’re selling time and Peace of Mind.

Say goodbye to security checks, long lines, and layovers. On-demand flights offer more privacy, comfort, and efficiency so you can get to where you’re going and get on with your day. Hit the button below to book your on-demand flight through KinectAir. 

Connecting the West

We’re focused on providing the highest level of service and support for regional air travel on the West Coast. Because we’re devoted to regional air travel, we’ve selected aircraft and developed operations that allow you to access thousands of small airports. We believe we can impact our partners, passengers, and the PNW community more significantly by staying local. 

See Our On-Demand Flight Options

Your lifestyle calls for ready-when-you-are regional air travel.

Private flights can help you get more out of your time. Whether we’re opening the door to bigger business opportunities, better work-life balance, or more opportunities to play, our on-demand flights shrink the map and put more time back in your day.

Business Charter Flights

From a la carte options for one-off meetings to regular travel, our on-demand flights can help you work smarter. For example, does your business have multiple locations, or did you just start a new project that will require consistent check-ins? Flight contracts make it easy to stay on top of your travel plans.

Private Flights

Ever wished you had a magic carpet? Private flights with Direct2 are the next best thing. So whether you’re planning an epic weekend on the west’s best ski slopes or want to get in nine holes before noon, leisure charter flights help you get more out of your downtime.

On-Demand Flights

You can’t always plan where life will take you. Our on-demand flights open up the door to more dynamic travel plans. Our flexible cancellation policy, 100% refund up to 24 hours before departure, allows for tailored travel solutions for your business or lifestyle. 

Private Flights with KinectAir

We’re currently booking charter flights through our partner, KinectAir. Their proprietary platform proudly serves the Pacific Northwest, making on-demand air travel accessible for all.

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