Uncompromising AIrCRAFT Operations 

At Direct2, we believe professionalism isn’t about epaulets. We’re defining professionalism through our actions and uncompromising commitment to service. As an aircraft operations company, we’re reimagining what’s possible with regional air travel through collaboration between our owner network and operational partners. 

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Who We Are

We’re not just your pilots. We’re your partners.

At Direct2, we are a team of aviation professionals focused on regional travel. We’re passionate about bringing the power of private flights to more people. Behind the scenes, Direct2 is guided by an experienced aviation management team. This team oversees our Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 135 air carrier certificate.

We’re all about building meaningful relationships with our owner network, operational partners, and passengers, both in the air and on the ground. We’re dedicated to creating personalized travel solutions that level the playing field and do right by our community and the planet.

What We Do

As pilots, it’s our responsibility to connect passengers with their destinations.

But Direct2’s commitment to connection goes beyond the obvious. We connect our  aviation partners with the pilots and aircraft they need to drive daily operations. We connect pilots from all walks of life with fulfilling aviation careers. And we form a deep connection with our owner network, a connection based on trust and service.

Put simply, we make owning an airplane easier and more cost-effective. Through our leaseback charter program, we give aircraft owners the chance to generate revenue. At the same time, we handle flight operations, maintenance, and FAA compliance.

our values

We’ve built Direct2 on a set of core values that drive everything we do—from who we partner with to how we engage with our owner network and passengers.


Our owner network trusts us with their property, our passengers with their lives, and our partners with their flight operations. We don’t take that responsibility lightly.


Our company culture is based on an “always learning, always leading” mindset. We leverage a spirit of curiosity to continuously learn and grow.


We actively work to promote diversity, celebrate our differences, and create career pathways for people from all walks of life.

Your All-Value, No-Hassle Air Charter Operator

Always thought that private flights and airplane ownership were outside your reach?

We’re here to change that. With no aircraft management fees, guaranteed cash flow, and at-cost access to our entire fleet, joining our owner network is an easy way to help shape the future of regional travel.

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