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Real Value Aircraft Management Services

Enjoy the convenience and privacy of owning an airplane with support from Direct2. Direct2’s full-service aircraft management keeps your airplane FAA compliant and your flight operations smooth and efficient.


Private Aircraft management company that decreases friction and adds safety and efficiency for the owner or owner-pilot

Direct2’s Slipstream Management program can add safety and efficiency to your aircraft operations, all while reducing the cost of airplane ownership. Our team keeps your plane ready to fly and we’ll put your plane to work when you don’t need to fly, generating revenue through regional charter flights. 

We’re looking for businesses and individuals interested in joining our Slipstream Program. 

SLIPSTREaM Aircraft Management Services Include:

Full-Service Maintenance

Let us keep track of the maintenance schedule. Our team of aircraft maintenance management keeps your plane in prime condition, so it’s ready to fly when you need it. 


As an FAA-certified aircraft operator, we ensure your plane and the pilots that fly it maintain regulatory compliance, so you get full value from aircraft ownership without stressing over reporting and paperwork.

Flight Operations

When you’re ready to fly, Direct2’s commercially rated and recurrently trained pilots—the ones you know on a first-name basis—get you where you’re going. Plus, our owner network gets access to our entire fleet. 

Charter Revenue

Through our operational model, private aircraft owners earn a fixed amount per hour that their airplane is in use. This revenue is used to cover maintenance costs and put money back in your pocket, vastly reducing fixed ownership costs.

All-Value, No-Hassle Aircraft Management

Let us keep your plane flight-ready while offsetting ownership and maintenance costs!

At Direct2, we’re making it easier than ever to own a private aircraft.