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Direct2 is reimagining regional air travel. We’re an aircraft operator for the on-demand era.   


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Providing passengers the quickest route from Bend to Portland, Oregon.

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At Direct2, we’re committed to serving our commercial partners, their passengers, and our network of aircraft owners to the fullest. Operating under Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, we provide on-demand flights anywhere in North America. This gives our partners on-demand fleet access and empowers our network of aircraft owners to experience the benefits of owning an airplane without the hassle. 


Investing in a set of wings means living a life of opportunity. Direct2 helps you find the right airplane, coordinate due diligence and acquisition, then ensures regulatory compliance and pilot proficiency in your aircraft.


Enjoy aircraft ownership without the hassle. Joining Direct2’s owner network means having a dedicated aviation team committed to your success, whether we’re scheduling your next flight or handling maintenance and compliance.


With modern safety management tools and extensive experience, both in the office and the cockpit, our team is uniquely qualified to operate aircraft on behalf of our owner network and our commercial partners.



Through our commercial partnerships, we’re making it easier than ever to get where you’re going. No more waiting in airport terminals or sitting on the road. Just convenient, regional travel in our fleet of on-demand aircraft. Let’s put time back into your day!

Reimagining On-Demand Regional Air Travel, Together

If you’re interested in aircraft ownership, we are actively seeking businesses and individuals to join our owner network. We offer our owner network expert management without management fees,  cash flow, and fleet-wide aircraft access. 

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