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ProFESSIONAL Operations

At Direct2, we believe professionalism goes beyond suits and epaulets. We’re focused on delivering safety, and consitent quality across a range of small and medium size aircraft. Through our actions and commitment to a robust and unrelenting safety culture we’re bring the big time to smaller planes. As an air taxi and chart flight operator, we’re reimagining what’s possible in regional air travel. And we’re doing it through service-driven collaboration with our owner network and operational partners. 

air charter pilot

What Sets Direct2 Apart?

We’re focused on getting you from Point A to Point B in a safe, timely manner. Since our beginning, we’ve been bent on creating an approachable version of private aviation operations that’s no less premium in its feel or function. Whether that means an air charter operations or charter flight, we invite you to come experience Direct2.



With an emphasis on safety culture and  adherence to the highest standards, we’re lead by pilots instead of corporate types. Our passion for aviation makes us uniquely qualified to offer operational expertise to our aircraft owners and operations partners.

Our Regionality

We’ve built our air taxi and charter flight operations around connecting the West Coast. By staying local, we’re better able to serve our partners, owner network, and passengers. As a result, we can operate the best and most efficient mission built aircraft.


We’re an experienced team of aviation professionals who know what it takes to properly manage an aircraft fleet under FAA Part 135. By operating under Part 135, we can provide air taxi and charter flights anywhere in North America.

Direct2’s AIR TAXI and Air Charter Flight Capabilities

We’re connecting the West Coast across thousands of airports, not just those with existing commercial service. When your lifestyle calls for ready-when-you-are regional air travel, we offer private flights that allow you to shrink the map and get more time out of your day.