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One of our regular customers was generous enough to spend some time articulating why using Direct2’s Air taxi services makes sense for their business. Check it out below.

A woman works on business while fly on a Direct2 air taxi.    An air taxi on a flight from Bend, Oregon to Newport, Oregon


As a real estate developer, I understand the value of time when it comes to business. Delays or inefficiencies can result in missed opportunities for growth. That’s why I’ve turned to Direct2’s air taxi service for my business travel needs between Bend and Newport or Coos Bay, Oregon. These flight hase allowed my business to accomplish more in less time, keep my employees happy, and unlock opportunities for growth.

Saving Time

One of the primary benefits of using Direct2’s air taxi service is the significant decrease in travel time. Driving between Bend and Newport or Coos Bay can take up to five hours, depending on traffic and weather conditions. However, with Direct2’s air taxi service, the travel time is reduced to just one hour, allowing me and my employees to spend more time on business-related activities. Every hour spent on the road is an hour that could have been spent closing deals and generating revenue. Direct2’s air taxi service enables us to arrive at our destination refreshed, focused, and ready to work, which ultimately translates into more opportunities for growth and success.

Keeping Employees Happy

Direct2’s air taxi service also keeps my employees happy and motivated. Long drives can be tiring and stressful, which can negatively impact the mood and productivity of my team. By utilizing Direct2’s air taxi service, my employees can avoid the stress of driving, arrive at their destination quickly, and focus on their work. This has resulted in increased job satisfaction, better team morale, and ultimately, better business outcomes.


In conclusion, Direct2’s charter flight service has been a game-changer for business. It has enabled us to accomplish more in less time, keep our employees happy and motivated, and unlock opportunities for growth. If you’re a business owner or executive in need of efficient and reliable transportation, flying with Direct2 is an investment that will pay dividends for your business in the long run.



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