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A Diamond DA62 gets ready for an instruction flight.

Did you just purchase a Diamond DA62? Are you about to purchase a Diamond DA62? If so, Diamond DA62 flight instruction from Direct2 is right for you. The DA62 is a modern twin-engine aircraft that offers exceptional performance, safety, and comfort, making it a popular choice for the modern pilot.

Our DA62 Training program and maneuver guide is FAA approved for commercial operations training in the DA62. The program is designed to help Pilots acquire the skills and knowledge needed to fly safely and competently for years to come. With Direct2, you can be assured of a comprehensive and structured training program that will enable you unlock the full potential of your Diamond DA62.

Why Choose Direct2 for your Diamond DA62 for Flight Instruction?

Direct2 specializes in The Diamond DA62. We have a passion for modern, personal aviation and sharing the map shrinking abilities of this safe and efficient twin engine aircraft. We operate Diamond DA62’s on our charter certificate in the American West. This means we often fly the aircraft with full loads, over mountains terrain, and in four season weather. We’ll impart hard earned lesson about the capabilities and limitations of the aircraft and how to maximize it’s utility. Stick and rudder competency couple with a mastery of the Garmin G1000NXi avionics suite is a must for transitioning pilots.

The program is conducted by our experienced and qualified flight instructor who have extensive experience flying the DA62 aircraft. In fact. we’re a chosen partner for Lifestyle Aviation’s transition training for new aircraft owners. Yes, those are our aircraft on Lifestyle’s homepage :).

The DA62 flight training program covers a range of topics, including flight planning, weather analysis, aircraft systems, emergency procedures, and more. The program is structured in a way that allows students to progress quickly and gain the knowledge needed to become competent pilots.


In conclusion, Diamond DA62 flight instructor training from Direct2 is an excellent option for the owner or soon to be owner pilot who is looking for a comprehensive and structured flight training program. The DA62 is a modern and efficient aircraft that offers exceptional performance, safety, and comfort, making it an ideal platform for your future flying. With Direct2, you can be assured of quality flight training that will prepare you for a success. and If you’re interested in partnering with Direct2 long beyond your training, check out our management and leaseback program: AIRCRAFT MANAGEMENT

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