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Access 8x more destinations in just a few clicks with DIRECT2’s Air Taxi and Charter Flights

DIRECT2’s Air Taxi and Charter Flight Capabilities provide a convenient and efficient way to access 8x more destinations in just a few clicks.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Scroll Up to our booking interface to begin.
  2. Enter your departure and destination airports, as well as your preferred travel dates and times and number of passengers.
  3. Select the type of aircraft you would like to charter, based on your group’s size and travel needs. DIRECT2 offers a range of small and medium-sized aircraft.
  4. Click ‘inquire’, our flight operations team will confirm availability and provide access to our online booking portal.
  5. Complete your purchase DIRECT2 offers secure and convenient online payment options for your peace of mind.

By using DIRECT2’s Air Taxi and Charter Flight Capabilities, you can access more destinations with less hassle and at a fraction of the cost of traditional air charter. With a commitment to safety and quality, DIRECT2 offers a seamless experience that is approachable and accessible to all. Try the service for yourself and experience the benefits of private aviation without the high price tag.

Discover the freedom of personalized air travel! Book your private plane or charter flight on the West Coast today and experience the ultimate convenience.



Investing in a set of wings means living a life of opportunity. Direct2 helps you find the right airplane, coordinate due diligence and acquisition, then ensures regulatory compliance and pilot proficiency in your aircraft.


Enjoy aircraft ownership without the hassle. Joining Direct2’s owner network means having a dedicated aviation team committed to your success, whether we’re scheduling your next flight or handling maintenance and compliance.

Pilot Services

With modern safety management tools and extensive experience, both in the office and the cockpit, our team is uniquely qualified to operate your aircraft with safety and consistency.


Air Taxi & Charter FLIGHTS

We’re making it easier than ever to get where you’re going. No more waiting in airport terminals or sitting on the road. Just convenient, regional air travel in our fleet of on-demand aircraft. Let’s put time back into your day!

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At Direct2, we’re committed to serving our aircraft owners and air taxi & air charter guests to the fullest. We operate under Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, providing on-demand flights throughout the Western United States, Canada, and Mexico. We also deliver personally tailored aviation solutions, aircraft management, pilot services, and flight instruction. Founded by pilots and focused on you. 

Reimagining On-Demand Regional Air Travel, Together

Interested in aircraft ownership? We love working with businesses and individuals to to unlock the awesome, if sometimes daunting world of aircraft ownership. If you are ready to graduate from our air taxi and charter flights to ownership, we offer our owner partners expert management and advice, cost saving fleet deals, and cost offsetting leaseback options. 

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Air Taxi & Charter Flights on the West Coast: Private Planes, Flights & Charter Services in California, Oregon and Washington

DIRECT2 Air Taxi and Flight Charter Services

Air taxi service is a type of commercial aviation that offers short trips on an as-needed basis. Unlike traditional airlines, air taxis do not have set schedules and instead operate on demand. The purpose of air taxi service is to provide a more convenient and flexible alternative to traditional air travel, allowing passengers to travel quickly and efficiently to their desired destination. The benefits of air taxi service include convenience, flexibility, and time-saving. Passengers can schedule flights at their desired time, avoid the hassle of long security lines, and fly directly to their destination. There are different types of air taxi services available. Point-to-point service offers direct flights between two locations, while on-demand service allows passengers to book a flight at the time of their choosing. A passenger looking to travel from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe can use air taxi service to fly directly to their destination without the hassle of traffic or long security lines. Air taxi service offers numerous advantages over traditional air travel and is worth considering for your next trip.

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If you’re in need of an air taxi or charter flight, DIRECT2 is a great option for safe and timely travel. We offer a range of small and medium-sized aircraft and prioritize delivering consistent quality and safety. Select the “Air Taxi” or “Charter Flight” to get a quote for your desired destination and travel dates. Once you have received your quote, you can confirm the booking and pay for your flight. Flying with DIRECT2, you can enjoy the flexibility of point-to-point travel and experience on-demand service that doesn’t sacrifice on safety or comfort.

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